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Professional guidance through the event

"I am world-famous in my city." With this or other humorous sayings I guide you through the program or the evening and are sure to ensure amused faces and entertaining content conveyance.

A person who directs a conversation or mediates communication is called a moderator. The term “moderator” comes from Latin (moderare) and means something like to moderate, control or direct. The activity itself is referred to as moderation.

Moderator Olaf

I moderate for you

Are you planning a cool event, want to attract a lot of people with an event or even bring a roadshow onto the streets? My moderation provides the necessary action. Or is there an anniversary coming up and you're celebrating it with a gala? I would be happy to moderate your event professionally, charmingly and sometimes funny.

As a moderator, I explain your products at a trade fair in an informative and lively manner in order to attract many spectators to your stand. This puts you one step ahead of your competitors. As a long-time technician and consultant, I understand complicated issues and can get to the point in an understandable and entertaining way. In this way I manage the balancing act between information and entertainment. I have the necessary empathy for the audience in order to win them over to the topic and the product.

Why do you need a moderator?

Moderators also play an important role at events and conferences. They run the event, ensure that the schedule is adhered to, lead discussions and Q&A sessions, and ensure that all participants have the opportunity to express themselves. An experienced presenter can help an event run smoothly and get the message across effectively.

As a host, you want to focus more on your guests than on the program. With me you place the program design in professional hands. I take care of the process, the transitions and the design of the program items.
Of course, all important things will be coordinated in advance with you as the organizer.
Of course, as a moderator, I will prepare conscientiously for each event. In some cases it can make sense to combine the DJ and/or magician with each other.

Moderator Olaf
Olaf Entertainer DJ